Local Show Spotlight – Sit Kitty Sit

9PM / $5 AT THE DOOR / 21+

In this day and age it’s easy to miss a good show simply because there’s too many to choose from, especially in an art and music hotbed like Santa Cruz.  So every once in awhile Angelo searches the local shows calendar for an artist playing in town that deserves a little more spotlight.  Today we focus on the San Francisco based duo Sit Kitty Sit.  These self described “Classically trained music geeks with braggy diplomas” are currently tearing up the states on a 30-day national tour and will be ending their journey next Friday here in town at The Blue Lagoon.  Donning the stage armed with only a piano and a drum set implies simplicity, but what follows is anything but that.  These two blend influences from classical composers with bands like Zeppelin and Rush alongside Kat Down’s old school sultry and passionate vocals, creating a sound that is entirely new and original yet you can’t shake a feeling of nostalgia. With a live show and sound that could fit easily in a Roaring 20s speakeasy or the backyard stage at a college kegger, it’s no surprise these two have been making a lot of noise since their inception in 2010.  Wet your beak with  some of their tracks, a few videos, and then head on down to The Blue Lagoon next Friday December 12th to catch them live along with the insanely talented San Francisco based group The Go Ahead and local favorites Arrows.

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