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I’m just pretty much a musical schizophrenic, gimmie the mic and I’ll flow, slap down that mixer and I’ll… well mix, and please don’t forget to throw some turntables my way cuz all that scratch is making me itch.

I like to travel from low-end heavy hip hop to uplifting mid-tempo and ghetto funk ish, and if I’m feeling real mojo-like I will slip some beautiful house and breakbeats deep inside your eardrums.

Alwa Gordon

Entering Alwa Gordon’s cozy rental, well-equipped with a flat-screen TV and nicely appointed kitchen, you might not guess it’s home to an underground rapper.

But the 24-year-old is just that, and he appears on the verge of bigger things. Gordon just recorded three tracks in Las Vegas during a studio session at Future Music. The label is owned by well-established hip-hop artist Jason Boyd, also known as MDMA, whose credentials include writing singles for Usher and Chris Brown. The collaboration could throw the Santa Cruz native in the real mix, Gordon said.

RASAR (Las Vegas, NV)
Rasar is a dynamic artist combining hip-hop, jazz, poetry, event hosting, and public speaking to engage audiences with intelligence, humor, and self-reflection. Rasar was the resident nightlife emcee at Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Rose.Rabbit.Lie. in Las Vegas, has been featured on Vh1’s “Best Week Ever”, TEDx Talks, Propellerhead, and is the 2-time champion of Stanford University’s “Battle of the Bay” Poetry Competition. Rasar has worked with numerous organizations to educate and entertain students from elementary to the university level.

Weds, April 29
Blue Lagoon
923 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, Ca

8PM/$5/ Ages 21+

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