Boostive, Ancestree, Perro Bravo, and Burnt// The Catalyst// 4-23-15

Local Favorites Boostive and Ancestree team up with Burnt and Perro Bravo for an epic Hip-Hop Reggae showcase at The Catalyst on 4/23


Difficult to pin down in any one genre, Boostive draws upon elements of, roots dub, ambient electronic, hip-hop, jazz, and world music to produce a massive and singular sound accessible to a wide range of audiences. They perform regularly with big names in reggae, hip-hop, and ambient electronic music to great success. Recent shows include Heiroglyphics, The Pharcyde, Slum Village, Souls of Mischief, Slightly Stoopid, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Zion I, and Gramatik. They’ve also been featured at music festivals such Lucidity, Serenity, and Emissions.


Listen to the sounds of chakras dancing to heartbeat rhythms and heavenly harmonies. Words of Love and ancient wisdom intertwine with deep bass one drops and majestic horns; Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop infused Roots Reggae. ANCESTREE draw from a deep well of spiritual inspiration creating a natural sound to move all people, inspiring one to dance with an open heart and mind.


For the past 10 years the band called BURNT has doggedly been playing their soulful blend of reggae, ska, punk and hip-hop music at venues large and small across the west coast of North America. Building on the D.I.Y. culture of many influential punk and reggae bands before them, BURNT has managed their own tours, from Tijuana, Mexico to Victoria, B.C., and independently released 7 diverse albums of original material. Over a decade of refinement BURNT’s live sound has been distilled to its essence: raw throat, steady rhythms and a bass-heavy soul. The sound of BURNT’s albums, in contrast, weaves heady lyrics with seemingly endless variants of roots driven musical styles into a sound that, while laced with touches of the familiar, is distinctly BURNT. Strap on your dancing boots and groove to one of the best in the California reggae music scene.

Perro Bravo

Perro Bravo’s guitar player Michael “Miguel” Happoldt is the co-founder of Skunk Records with Brad Nowell .He has Worked extensively with Sublime and Long Beach Dub All Stars.

Show Starts at 8:30, $10 at the door

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