The Pieces, Ground Score Willie, and Nels Andrews // The Blue Lagoon // 3-25-15

Nels Andrews

Indie Folk deep rooted American Imagery, musical shades of Calexico, and Astral Weeks era Van Morrison.

Ground Score Willie

Ground Score Willie is an improvisational rock group whose seeds were sown in Chicago in 2007. In fact, it was a serendipitous event in which Shane Klein and Dan Rogers met; one fine summer evening, outside of Park West, after a RAQ show, the two kind souls were united in the quest to imbibe the stickiest of the icky. After a few years of some of the finest jam sessions any living room has ever seen, the inevitable conclusion that such harmonious and inspired creations demanded a greater audience was drawn in bold colors, in a Jackson Pollack-esque fashion, on the side of a donkey named Ralph

The Pieces

The musical evolution continues from sweet and solo to haunting, rocking, and rolling with a band
Come on down to The Blue on Wednesday and have some good old fashioned American fun with us
5 bucks at the door
Do you even Facebook?

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