F.Dupp, Crown Chakra and Miss Magic Snowflake // The Blue Lagoon // 5-4-15

Miss Massive Snowflake

Seriously, this is like a great book that you can’t put down. Putting this on makes you HAVE to listen to the next song, and the next…until you’re out of songs, completely jazzed… an intoxicating rock, jazzy, psyche sound. IT’S AWESOME!!! Listen!”


“rock and roll band playing requests and originals. We want YOU to join us in being a part. At our shows, EVERYBODY is F. Dupp.”

Crown Chakrah

Crown Chakra is an alternative rock group playing a variety of musical tunes. The jam band formed in early December of 2012; the band consists of members Bethanie on drums/vocals & Dylan on guitar/vocals. Two bassists have joined with the band at a number of performances on different occasions. Coyote, a former bassist for the band played for a short time in Arcata as well as San Fransisco with Bethanie & Dylan; together they recorded Far Far Out. Dylan & Bethanie have toured across California performing at venues such as the Mateel Community Center in Redway, Ocean Grove in Trinidad, the Pheonix Theatre in Petaluma, Golden Gate Park in San Fransisco, The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz and the Monterey Fair Grounds in Monterey, California. (Bassist) Steven King also played a few shows with the band and together they recorded at Wheel’s as well as the Tap House.

Come out and shake what ya mama gave ya

9pm // 5 bucks at the door

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