This show is so…….. BAD. Palmz, Daddy Long Legs, Bangus Tron, and Pyromids at The Blue Lagoon 3/11/15

Bring your PowerGloves, Local favorites Palmz, Pyromids, and Daddy Long Legs welcome the up-and-coming Bangus Tron from Oakland for a night of epic musical proportions. 

Bangus Tron

Bangus Tron is an electronic, synth-pop, and R&B duo from Oakland, California composed of Wesley Spittler and Kani Crabb. although both have been making music on their own for many years, Bangus Tron has only recently formed in february of 2014 and are already making waves in the Bay Area music scene..  Shortly after the release of their soulful and synth laced, booty shake inspiring, 80s dancehall EP “ALTRNTATIVE” they beat out dozens of established bands for a guest spot on the popular electronic festival “Lightning in a Bottle”.  Stay tuned, there’s certainly more to come from the new duo.


A 50’s beach party with a splash of outer-space alienz.

Daddy Long Legs

The Baron of Bass on the Wheels of Steel.

Representing Wizard Science.



March 11th, 2015

Blue Lagoon


5$ at the door

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