Prepare for Serenity with Lafa Taylor, Labrat, Boostive, and Tektite – Moes Alley – 3/10/15

Official Serenity Gathering Santa Cruz PreParty: A EUPHORIC evening of funk infused dubhop and bass beats…

A world traveler based in Oakland, CA Lafa Taylor is an achieved singer/emcee/producer. His music carries a message of inspiration and activation, while staying gritty, bassy, and most importantly danceable. Lafa’s live show is energetic, dynamic and unique. He has a great talent for connecting with his audience and working with the energy of the crowd. His collage of infectiously harmonic, bass heavy, multi tempo music quickly heats up the dance floor. His vocal style ranges from sweet melodic choruses to tongue twisting rhymes. He is also known for his intricate beat boxing, and often incorporates live looping.

25-year-old, Santa Cruz-based dubstep artist Travis Egner Williams produces melodically infused dance floor bangers under the persona LabRat. He exploded onto the EDM scene in 2010 with his bootleg of The XX track Crystalized which was featured on many top YouTube channels around the world.

Difficult to pin down in any one genre, Boostive draws upon elements of, roots dub, ambient electronic, hip-hop, jazz, and world music to produce a massive and singular sound accessible to a wide range of audiences. They perform regularly with big names in reggae, hip-hop, and ambient electronic music to great success. Recent shows include Heiroglyphics, The Pharcyde, Slum Village, Souls of Mischief, Slightly Stoopid, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Zion I, and Gramatik. They’ve also been featured at music festivals such Lucidity, Serenity, and Emissions.

Extraterrestrial Hiphop: In 1977 Nasa & Carl Sagan sent a record with Earth’s music into space on golden record mounted on the Voyager Interstellar Probes.

Aliens have found this record, remixed it, and created a musical mashup that scores a spoken-word message to humanity. In Jan 2012, they began beaming their composition to Earth.

Tektite has received these transmissions and is sharing this alien music with the world.

Come out and get serene before Serenity.

Doors 8:00 PM, Show 8:30 PM
$8 Advance, $12 Day of Show

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