Corina Corina & DJ Halo, Olright, Lucid Optics and Alwa Gordon at The Blue Lagoon – 3/10/15


Corina Corina & DJ Halo

Corina Corina brings a fresh and melodic vocal hybrid to modern electronic R&B with a strong hip hop edge. She first gained recognition in the New York independent music scene by collaborating with artists like Homeboy Sandman (Stones Throw), Angi3 (Tommy Boy), and internationally-acclaimed producer, Willie Green (Backwoodz Studioz), as well as sharing stages with hip hop heavyweights Talib Kweli, Action Bronson and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire. Both of her solo albums, “The Eargasm” (2012), and “The Free Way” (2014) were co-produced with Green, and touch on everything from gender inequality to self-love and resisting social norms.Between 2013-2014, Corina Corina expanded her fan base by embarking on four national tours, following being featured in two showcases at South by Southwest. In addition to her tours, she also found time to release two EPs and produce dozens of live events in New York City. Corina also performs in the acoustic blues duo Max Caddy, whose 2013 debut EP, “Caddy Tracks,” garnered praise from fans and music journalists alike.

DJ Halo

HALO has been a DJ/Turntablist for about 15+ years performing his special brand of turntabalisim and party rocking spots all over the country while touring with the MCs; The Metermaids, Brzowski, Swordplay The Rapper, Grayskul, Sadistik, Ceschi and Sole to name a few. In addition to hip-hop tours also booking solo DJ tours across the USA, Canada and Europe. A 5X official performer @ SXSW, HALO has held DJ residencies in NYC, Brooklyn, CT, ME and now holds 3 monthly residencies in Oakland, CA. HALO has released many thematic based mixtapes that are much different from his high energy live sets, which focus on moving the crowd, but both use a mix of clever juxtaposition and razor sharp blends and cuts.

Over the past 4 years HALO has become quite a skilled producer, focusing on remixes mostly, with DJ friendly remixes and re-edits of artists such as Sage Francis, Serengeti, Aesop Rock, Brzowski, along with popular artists such as 50 Cent, Kreyshawn, Drake and more. HALO’s genre defying remix work runs that gamut of Drum & Bass and Jungle to Hip-Hop and Dub but always keep the vibe high energy. Brzowski + HALO are gearing up to release a collaborative EP on Vinyl this spring time for SXSW after a 15 date run in EU this January as well as HALO doing spot solo dates in the UK and France before meeting up with Brzowski.


oLright is a multi-instrumentalist, looper, sampler and a multimedia artist. He has been making beats for a decade and using a MPC 2000xl for half of that. he also hosts Fort Knocks, an ecclectic beat night also at the Blue Lagoon.

Lucid Optics

Alwa Gordon

Join us for a night that sure wont disappoint,

Tuesday, March 10th

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