Tuesday, April 14th – Oso Negro // Gav Dino // Three Dimensional Crew // Sprites at The Blue Lagoon

$5 // 21+ // 9pm
We got a sick lineup featuring the outstanding lyrical talents of Oso Negro Hip-Hop, Gav Dino, Three Dimensional Crew, Sprites & DJ.

Sibbz PRESENTS the MEGAFaUNa Tour:
Oso Negro (Oregon) – A recovering scientist, Oso Negro dedicates the present to hip-hop. He embraces the timeless power of lyrical consciousness and hunger for life. A twist of reggae, a splash of crooning and the ever-present spirit of live music feed this hungry bear’s desire to mix it up, keep it fun and stimulating. Since moving west from Mississippi, Oso has been gigging across the western US over the last 4 years, rocking tours and festivals. In 2014, he dropped the Unkie O LP, which was included in Radio Boise’s Krush Groove 208’s top 10 list of the year’s releases.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joiq7vWDzPI – Music Vid
https://soundcloud.com/oso-negro/sets/epk – Oso Sampler

Gav Dino (Weed, CA) – Gav Dino spent his youth acquiring classical music training, while at the same time developing a parallel interest in, and love for, hip-hop. A multi-faceted artist, Gav can emcee and sing, while also dj’ing and scratching over the distinctive beats he constructs. Originally in Mt. Shasta based Brookside Bodega, Gav has recently moved south to L.A., where he has begun to blossom as a solo artist. He is an experienced musician with tons of talent.

also featuring:
Three Dimensional Crew (Santa Cruz, CA) – These rappers have a true passion and understanding of hip hop and the desire to create a different listening experience from the next regardless if they achieve massive reward. Don’t sleep on these guys.

Sprites (Santa Cruz, CA) – Two weird guys making Hip hop

Sibbz.com (Boise, ID) – A group of highly talented individuals who collaborate to make premium products and spread a positive message through what we do. Doing it our way. SIBBZ is a Boise, Idaho, based company specializing in custom longboards and skateboards featuring professional artwork & handcrafted, high-quality materials. Established in 2010, Sibbz boards are out to revolutionize the longboard industry. Rider created and crafted gives SIBBZ boards unmatchable product design. SIBBZ signature handles and grabs and original artwork allow every SIBBZ board to make an individual statement. SIBBZ environmentally friendly products are hand crafted out of one of the worlds most renewable resources, bamboo. SIBBZ: Changing the extreme sports world one board at a time.
http://instagram.com/sibbzlongboards – Instagram
https://www.facebook.com/sibbzkrew – Facebook
https://twitter.com/sibbzlongboards – Twitter
http://youtube.com/user/sibbzindustries – Youtube

$5 //9PM//21+


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