Sunday, Jan. 25th – The Catalyst Club – SKULL FIST / Elm Street / Night Demon / A Thousand Shall Fall

Live in The Atrium


Elm Street / Night Demon / A Thousand Shall Fall

SUN, JANUARY 25, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Catalyst

Santa Cruz, CA


This event is 16 and over

Seriously unserious Heavy Metal Dudes Fighting for the Greater Good of Rock! We Quest for World Domination and FOREVER RIDE THE BEAST!
Written and performed by 4 guys who absolutely love what they are doing. Elm Street are going to be at the forefront of the NWOTHM scene for many years to come on this evidence. I for one cannot wait for them to get the follow up out already! I have a feeling it’s going to be even better. But for now ‘Barbed Wire Metal’ is going to be rotating in my player for a long time! Do yourself a favor and go and get a copy NOW!!! True metal lives!

Ben – – January 2013

“The band knows their way around a melody but they are heavy and fast enough that you won’t think they are wimping out. So, if you want some fun and recent heavy metal to bang your head to Elm Street’s Barbed Wire Metal is just what you need!
File this under “Albums I Wish I Had Heard In 2011″!”

Metal Misfit – – January 2012

True words from music critics worldwide created ELM STREET into a serious entity in the vastly growing new wave of heavy metal.
Receiving rave reviews globally after the band’s debut album ‘BARBED WIRE METAL’ was released by German based Massacre Records, opened an opportunity for their first overseas tour with ‘Barbed Wire Metal Across Europe 2013’ where the journey would only just begin…

Upon forming in 2003 ELM STREET has been spreading their own brand of traditional heavy metal to masses across Australia. The rawness of the band wearing influences on their sleeve meant crowds we’re instantly attracted to the band when they visited each point of the country.
Shows with Australia’s leading bands THE ANGELS, VANISHING POINT, BLACK MAJESTY & THE POOR saw the band adapt quickly to a big stage and a roaring large crowd.

By 2010 the band had not only established a strong following across the nation but a style which saw them mix the best parts of their heavy influences. In September 2010 the band entered the studio with recruited co-producer and engineer Ermin Hamidovic from Systematic Productions to record their debut release.
It would be April 2011 which welcomed the world to ‘BARBED WIRE METAL’, the album allowed ELM STREET to not only extend their exposure further interstate but to a broader scale internationally. This was in help of high credits on the album such as mastering at Panic Room Studios in Sweden and artwork by the legendary ED REPKA responsible for Megadeth’s infamous album covers such as ‘Rust In Peace’ and ‘Peace Sells…but who’s buying’ among others.

The band was now sent on a rollercoaster ride across Australia with shows accompanying acts Mortal Sin, Blood Duster and US Thrasers TOXIC HOLOCAUST. As the crowds we’re building so was the attention from overseas labels and in a short amount of time the album was re-released in the USA by STORMSPELL RECORDS in July 2011.

With the a stable record label now delivering the album to further audiences ELM STREET was now set on location to record their debut film clip to the title track of the album. The video clip for ‘BARBED WIRE METAL’ was released in September 2011 and can be viewed here:

With such a positive response from the STORMSPELL release and the film clip now circulating the globe through a frenzy, ELM STREET was upgraded to a bigger opportunity signing with German based label MASSACRE RECORDS in October 2011 were the album was now being distributed a month later worldwide.
Reaching to audiences all over Europe and reviews of the album now pouring in from magazines such as Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and Decibel Magazine along with countless webzines, ELM STREET was given the opportunity to embark on their first overseas tour in support of the album during May 2012.

‘Barbed Wire Metal Across Europe’ would see the band extend their trip from May 2012 to November 2012 playing countless shows across Europe & the UK with acts WARBRINGER, GAMA BOMB, HELL, CAULDRON and headline shows at Europe’s prestige venues including a special one-off showcase at London’s CROBAR.

Returning from Europe the band has set focus to the next release and to take the journey that next step further. Writing is currently in process for a new album and the band foresees a release in early 2014.

From out of the darkness comes a new EP to sear your soul, “Night Demon” , by the band Night Demon hailing from Ventura, California. A self-titled debut from a terrific 3-piece that will remind you of everything great about Heavy Metal in the early 80s.

Night Demon encompasses the best about that era, but they bring the genre into the modern day with ease. Although they’ve been compared to NWOBHM acts like Angel Witch, Saxon, Diamondhead, and Samson, as well as some American ones like Riot, they have composed material that sounds fresh in today’s world. They breathe new life into the genre with just four fun cuts:

1. Night Demon
2. The Chalice
3. Ancient Evil
4. Ritual

“Night Demon” is a classic, fist-pumping rock anthem right from the start, extolling the virtues of being Night Demon in verse. With the power of Metal your town is doomed by Night Demon!! Or at least your beer supply. Driving bass lines reminiscent of old Iron Maiden accompany vocals remindful of Guy Speranza of Riot. This first tune lets you know what the rest of the album will be like. They don’t stray far from the formula of the era but they exercise everything that was good about it. Without missing a beat, everything that was awesome about the time is brought to new life.

Night Demon Official Video:

“The Chalice” rings true of some of the best of that power-driven metal that combines into a single, catchy, sing-along song, like every song on this album, really. Lyrically, it is one of those songs that just epitomizes what this style of music is supposed to bring. Sealing the selling of one’s soul over a drink with the Devil is just another day for some. With deep bass lines, catchy guitar hooks, and an eerie vocal approach, it is perhaps the best executed song on the album.

“Ancient Evil”. Now any song about Cthulu better be well done or you’re toast. Good for these guys that they did it right!! Storytelling at its best drawing from H.P. Lovecraft’s works, it is a fast-paced barn burner that chugs along like a freight train from opening to end. Steeped in classic metal, this cut depends heavily on the vocal performance being delivered properly while eliciting excitement from the listener. Mission is accomplished on this tune, with a delivery that shows the ability and range of Jarvis Leatherby’s vocals.

“Ritual” closes out the album with a classic double-time thrash piece. Kicking right off with pressing guitar riffs and thunderous drums, this song rips right into you from the start. As the EP started so it ends, reminding everyone that the “Ritual” involves Night Demon, circles of fans, and drinking to be sure. No town will be spared the devastation of a rampaging Rock Band. No magic will protect you from the Night Demon…

Embodying everything that was fun and great of a past era, this band is definitely keeping it old school. They deliver with every song, and show no signs of slowing. Already they have played all over Europe in many festivals including Germany’s Keep It True Festival 2014. The KIT is legendary for delivering metal to the masses year in and year out at sold out shows. This band isn’t out to change any musical landscapes. They are simply recreating music from a time when great music was plentiful and drawing from its best examples. Whether it’s thunderous and driving rhythms or searing guitars and vocals, this EP delivers the best of the era. It ends far too soon, doesn’t overstay, and leaves you wanting more in just under 15 minutes.

Consisting of Jarvis Leatherby on vocals/bass, Brent Woodward on guitar, and Dusty Squiers on drums, this is an amazing power trio with a ranged vocalist that allows the band to slide around so many of the great sounds of the times. We are destined to hear more of this band, so add their patch to your denim jacket and let the claws of the Night Demon pull you in…

Venue Information:
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

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